My name is Rory.  Thank you for visiting Tools Are For Women Too!  I have been something of a craftsman for over 3 decades. 

What started out as a tutorial and woodworking blog for women has evolved into something that I think is pretty special, with a lot more impact. It seems to be affecting peoples lives in ways that makes me pretty proud at times.

When I started Tools Are For Women Too! last April,  my thought was to try and help as many craftswomen as I could, be better craftswomen.  Although the blog had a decent amount of success in the first early weeks, I found myself not quite fulfilled and wanting more.

So, last June I started looking for ways to use my blog as an avenue to help others.  I realized that we are all living in some troubled times right now, and I wanted to lend a helping hand if I could.

By looking around the internet and reading comments by other bloggers I began to understand that there are tons of hardworking craftspeople out there.  Most of them just need a break of some kind in order to be successful.  Many are working every spare hour they have to create something with their own 2 hands, in an effort to pay some bills.

I got to thinking about all of this and I started to ponder the impact of selling 1 handmade item.  Impact like the money from a handmade quilt being used to pay for a grandchild's lunch, or to help keep the electricity on.  It was mind boggling to consider the effect, that selling even one item might have.

So, I decided to help people who own online stores sell their handmade products.  I figured out that all i had to do was change things up, just a little bit.

One of the changes I made was to give online sellers a chance to advertise a few items on my site free of charge.  I do this currently by holding massive link parties, where sellers can get together and post their products for free.

The next thing was to take a leap of faith and establish a "pay it forward" policy.  I did not want sellers to feel an obligation to Tools Are For Women Too.  All I ask in return,  is that everyone participating, promotes the site and my parties in some sort of way.

The response so far has been incredible.  But, the knowledge knowing that I possibly helped pay for a child's lunch last week is what it is really all about.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Tools are For Women Too!.  I am so glad you stopped by and would love you to be a part of the great things that are happening here.