Saturday, July 31, 2010

Site Remodeling Important Announcement

I wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming site remodeling project that I have planned. Tools Are For Women Too, has grown quickly and this has become badly needed. The remodel will take place sometime on Sunday, August 1st.

****Do not be alarmed if you are not able to log onto the site for a few hours. The remodel will be extensive and it will take some time, but it should be up and running again in time for Modern Craftswoman Monday.****

Here are a few of improvements that I have planned.....

I will be streamlining the blog to give it a cleaner look and hopefully faster loading times for all of you....

The sidebar will be wayyy more organized and user friendly.....

Party thumbnails will have more room due to a wider page.....

I will be switching over to a 3-column format, to add some versatility.....

And more changes are in the works.

Be sure to be here for the Modern Craftswoman Monday Link Party and check out the site changes at the same time.

Have a terrific weekend!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thank You Brooke For Featuring Me On Tidbitz & Glitz

I am not sure what to say about all the attention I have received over the past few weeks. It has been something of a whirlwind of emails and activity. With all of the parties and hoopla, I have met some pretty wonderful people out there in blogland. One of them is Brooke from Tidbitz & Glitz. Brooke has a blog, an Etsy Store, and a terrific heart.
Brooke just notified me that her interview post about me was up on her site, so I went over to take a look. I am not sure that I am deserving of all the nice things she said about me, but it nearly brought this guy to tears. I am not sure what to say to her except, Thank You. For me, it was a very moving post.
I hope all of you will take the time to drop by her site and meet this remarkable lady, who in recent weeks, has become one of my special internet friends. Thank you again, Brooke. I am glad we crossed paths.
Click Here to read her post about me.

I've Been Featured! by Yesterday On Tuesday

Wow! Malia, has featured me on her site, Yesterday On Tuesday. I knew she was going to, because she interviewed me for the article. But I had no idea it was going to be such a terrific and flattering post. I am really beside myself right now. She wrote it as a " Behind The Blog " piece and I am really excited about it! Can you tell? Please take the time to go read it.

If you haven't been over to Malia's site yet, this is your opportunity to make a new friend. This is a woman who could not be nicer, and she goes the extra mile for people. It is my pleasure to know her. I would love it it all of you would pay her a visit, leave her a comment, and read about me in her post.

Here is the link to the article...Click Here.
Have fun!

Tools Are For Women Too! will be going through some remodeling soon. Exciting changes are on the way. This will probably take place this weekend. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Link Party Time! - Times Are Tough Thursday #4

Welcome to another Times are Tough Thursday Link Party. Last Thursday we had over 700 items posted. Pretty crazy, but I am not complaining. It was wonderful to have so much traffic and activity going on.

Bunches of you are reporting sales in your stores and traffic in your blogs. That's what it's all about. More links, more traffic, more hearts, more followers, more sales. Last week, all of you really worked together to make it a spectacular event, and for many of you it really paid off. Thank you to everyone that "payed it forward" to make last weeks party a success.

This Week's Party Rules...
1.) ***You must be a follower of this blog to participate***
2.) Everyone is welcome to participate, including sellers and non-sellers. For the most part, anything handmade by you may be posted.
3.) I am continuing to allow you to post up to 5 items this week. Feel free to post your best 5.
4.) Important....This party...the traffic it brings.....the links it makes....the followers, the hearts, and the sales,...depends almost entirely on how well you all work together, and "pay it forward". I have taken the first step and hosted a party where everyone can get some Free advertising. Now it is your turn to pay it forward. Spread the word about the party, grab a button, write a feature post, start a thread, invite a few friends, whatever you want. It's all good. Just promote the party a little.
5.) Even more important...Please visit each others stores and enter the giveaways. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting out there and visiting as many sites as you can. Leave some comments and give out some hearts. I guarantee your efforts will be rewarded, if you get out there and make some friends.
Here is a button if you want to link up that way...

Design by Trendy Treehouse
Okay...In case this is your first party, I am posting the instructions again for entering your items.
No worries. Really easy.
1.) Scroll down past all the thumbnail pics that were entered before you. Find the little blue button that says ..." Add your link " . It has a little frog face. Click on it.
2.) Copy and paste the URL of the item you want to bring to the party. For bloggers it will probably be the post URL.
3.) " Name" ... This is not for your name. It is for the name and description of your item. You can use up to 50 characters and can even include the price if you want.
4.) Enter your email address. It will not be visible by the public.
5.) Click " Next " and pick out your picture.
That's all there is to it!
Good Luck!

Would you like to sponsor one of my giant link parties? If so, please email me for rates and details.

Mermaid Pendant Giveaway - We Have A Winner!

One lucky woman has won the beautiful Mermaid Treasure Pendant from A2Sea Creations. She is....

Mary, please get in touch with me for instructions on how to claim your prize.
I would like to thank my creative Canadian friends from A2Sea Creations for sponsoring such a wonderful giveaway.
For those of you who have online stores, it is important that we have these kinds of events at Tools Are For Women Too. Giveaways like this bring participants from all over the net. More participants, means more potential visitors and buyers in all of your stores.
Please visit the A2Sea Creations Etsy Store and leave a thank you note for their generosity. They have worked very hard to "pay it forward" and promote all of your stores, by sponsoring this giveaway.

By the way, if you didn't win this one, I have have some other pretty great giveaways going on right now too. Click Here to go to my dedicated " Giveaway Page".

Would like to sponsor a giveaway and promote your site or store? Feel free to email me for rates and details.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Feature Post - Introducing Jeanette Aragon from The Puzzled One

I would like to introduce everyone to a talented artist and craftswoman. Her name is Jeanette Aragon and her website is called The Puzzled One. Jeanette's preferred medium is working with wood. And if you haven't guessed it from the title of her website.....she loves to make puzzles.

Jeanette's puzzles are far from ordinary. They are made out of wood and she cuts each puzzle piece by hand, with a scroll saw. Then she uses her artistry to paint and finish them.

Here is a great example of Jeanette's work. She calls this puzzle....Wooden Tile Mosaic Tray Puzzle - Energy. I think this one is a genuine work of art. I would have no problem hanging it on the wall in a kids room.

To make this beauty, she started with a wood called poplar, which she cut into 80 pieces. She then rubbed the stain into the wood by hand, using non-toxic paint type stain. Then she coated the pieces with a triple thick glaze. The whole puzzle fits into a neat wooden tray. I cannot believe her prices. This fun, handmade and hand finished puzzle, is On Sale for only $25. Amazing. Click here for details.

Here is another fine puzzle. It is her .... Friends Forever Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle. Like many of her puzzles, the image has been wood burned permanently wood burned on. I think this is really a nice touch. This puzzle is Too Cute! What a great gift for your little one. It is another one that Jeanette has cut and finished by hand. Sale priced at only $15. Click Here for details on this one.

This is her Award Winning Alphabet Tree 3D Puzzle. Dr. Toy named it "best pick" of 2009. It is more than just a tree puzzle. Jeanette designed this one to teach a child shape recognition, logical thinking, alphabetical order, reading left to right, and oh yeah,...their Abc's. No wonder thi puzzle is an award winner. Do you have a little one starting his or her first day of school soon? This is a super keepsake to commemorate the big event. It is Sale Priced at Only $20.00. Click Here for it.

I really love this one. When I look at it I see Goldie Hawn dancing on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. Does that give you an idea of how old I am? Jeanette calls this fun one.....Modern Abstract Art Tray Puzzle - Liquid Flowers. I am a nut for the retro throwback stuff. Only $30.00 Click Here.

How about another educational puzzle? This Lady Bug version is a 3D puzzle to help your child learn about numbers, counting, and left to right / top to bottom progression. It is handmade from solid poplar. The wings open and close and are actually trays that the puzzle pieces fint into. Your child can lift off the wings, dump out the pieces, and start having fun, while learning about numbers at the same time. This puzzle is a nice size measuring a full 16" wide with it's wings open. Gotta love it! Only $45.00. Click Here for more details.

How about a custom 3 Dimensional puzzle? How great would something like this be as a house warming gift. The family Jeanette made this puzzle for had a cabin and wanted something made especially for them. If you want a genuine, custom, handmade puzzle, you need to contact Jeanette in a big way.

Jeanette also has bunches of other puzzles and is running a Blowout Sale right now.

As a special offer to Tools Are For Women Too readers, Jeanette has decided to make her sale prices even better.....

Readers of Tools Are For Women Too will get an extra 10% off her already incredibly low sale prices. To get the discount you must enter the code "tools" (without the quotation marks) into the form field that reads "discount code" when checking out.

Please go visit The Puzzled One and tell Jeanette I sent you.

Do you have a blog, website, or online store that needs a helpful push? Would you like a feature post written about you?

Feel free to contact me for rates and details.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Link Party Time! - Modern Craftswoman Monday #13

It's time for a brand new party! This one will be open for entries until midnight on Wednesday.

The Thursday, Christmas In July Party brought in over 750 items, several thousand links, a bunch of Etsy Store Sales, hearts galore, tons of followers and lots of new friends. It was a huge success for everyone that got involved. Congratulations to all of you.

Now it's Monday and time to start all over again. Here are the party rules.

1.) ***You must be a follower of this blog to participate, if you are not one already.*** (A few of you are not only followers, but you seem to be stalkers of Tools Are For Women Too! Gotta love it.)

2.) Everyone is welcome including sellers and non-sellers, but items posted must be handmade by you.

3.) You can link directly to your Etsy Store if you want to. No problem. If you are an Etsy Store Owner, this is your opportunity for some free advertising. Take advantage of it.

4.) You may post up to 5 items in the party this week.

5.) Important - This party is to help all of you. It cannot be a success unless the participants help promote it. Please do whatever you can "pay it forward" and pass the word along about this terrific way to promote your blogs and stores for free. Email a few friends, write a post about it, post a thread in a forum, link to it, FB it, Tweet it. Whatever you want to is fine, but the more traffic we can all generate the better.

6. Even More Important - Please work together and support each other. I would love it if everyone that entered, visited at least 4 or 5 of the other thumbnails posted. When you visit someone's site be sure to leave a comment. Take it from me, if you want followers, traffic, and sales, you need to get out there and interact with other sites. So take some time and visit as many as you can.

Here is a button in case you want to link to the party with it...


Design by Trendy Treehouse

Here are the actual instructions for entering your items into the party.
Really easy. No worries.

1.) Scroll down past all the thumbnail pics that were entered before you. Find the little blue button that says " Add your link". It has a little frog face on it. Click on it.

2.) Copy and paste the URL of the item you want to bring to the party. For bloggers it will be the URL post.

3.) "Name"....This is not for your name. It is for the name and description of your item. You can use up to 50 characters and even include the price if you want.

4.) Enter your email address. It will not be visible to the public.

5.) Click "Next" and pick out the picture of your item.

That's it!

Have Fun!

Does your Store or Blog need a little push? Would you like to sponsor a giveaway or advertise on Tools Are For women Too? Feel free to email me for rates and details....

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! - A Sunday Wrap Up

In the past two weeks my little blog has experienced a tremendous amount of activity, growing to nearly 900 followers at the time of writing this post. Along with the followers came over 2,000 blog party items, that were posted by some pretty incredible craftspeople. Many of these craftspeople were Etsy Store Owners who took advantage of my offer of free advertising for their stores.

The parties have been a complete and utter success. But, the truth of the matter is that much of my blogs recent success has had little to do with me. All I did was make an offer to all of you. That offer was to give a little free advertising to some well deserving, very hard working people out there. My expectations in return were very simple. My only request was that for those of you who took me up on my offer was to simply, "pay it forward", with no strings attached.

Tools Are For Women Too's successfulness is the direct result of everyone's massive support. Please keep up the good work out there. Keep "paying it forward" and let's give everyone a chance to..... make more followers, ...create more hearts, ...gain more site traffic, ...and get more sales.

I would also like to give a very special Thank You, to some of my new close friends who have sponsored ads and giveaways. They are listed in no particular order.

Please visit each and every one of them.

A2Sea Creations

Tidbitz & Glitz

Trendy Treehouse

Spirit Dolls and Mixed Media Assemblage

Casual Gal

Chain Link Jewelry Design

All Thingz Related

Green Gracie Home

A Vision To Remember

Designs By Denise

Scottish Princess

Forever and After Toys

Fused Glass Designs

Shabby Chic Jewelry

The Puzzled One

If I have somehow left any of my sponsors out, please forgive me and let me know. Once again, thank all of you for your support.

My blog is worth nothing without you.

If any of you would like to join my wonderful list of sponsors, please feel free to drop me a line at....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

CSN Upcoming Tool Review Announcement

Great News! CSN, the company that is comprised of over 250 online stores has asked me to do another tool review for then. If you haven't heard of CSN before, you need to give them a little time and look around. They carry a huge array of products from dinnerware sets to tools.

I am not sure what tool I will be reviewing this time, but keep an eye out for it. Meanwhile, give CSN a visit.

Do you have a product you would like reviewed that my readers might be interested in?

Feel free to email me for rates and details.

Last Chance To Enter The Mermaid Pendant Giveaway!

If there are any other " mermaids in training " out there who want to win this Free Mermaid Treasure Pendant, sponsored by A2Sea Creations, this is your last chance to enter. If you haven't entered by midnight tonight, it will grace the beautiful neck of some other lover of the sea.
Did I mention it was FREE to enter? Click Here for the details.
Good Luck!

Have you seen my giveaway directory? It lists all 4 of the giveaways that I have going on right now, on one single page. You can reach the directory by going to my navigation bar....

or just Click Here to go there now.

Are you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway? Just send me an email to receive the rates and details.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Breaking News - Griselda Has Sweetened Her Giveaway!

For those of you who have not entered Griselda's giveaway, you need to get in there. Her artwork is really fabulous. Click Here for Details on how to submit your free entry.

Meanwhile, Griselda has sweetened things up a little bit. Here is the deal...........

While you are over at her Etsy Store telling her why you should win her giveaway, browse around. In fact, browse around a lot. If you end up purchasing one of her dolls, she will give you a 20% refund through Paypal. To make it even better, if you decide to purchase 2 dolls, she will refund 50% of your purchase on the second doll (of lesser price). Of course you cannot combine both discounts. If she allowed that we would have to commit her to an institution. Sheesh.

There are a couple catches though....You must say that you saw this very special offer posted on either her blog or mine.....and one more is all over July 31st.

Go see her and look around!

I try and take pretty good care of my wonderful sponsors. Feel free to ask any of them. If you would like to be one, I can be contacted at....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Giveaway Announcment! - Sponsored by Griselda from Spirit Dolls And Mixed Media Assemblage

Here is another fabulous and wayyy fun giveaway for everyone! It is sponsored by someone who is a very talented artist. She also happens to be the kind of person that I am proud to call a new found friend. She is Griselda, from Spirit Dolls and Assemblage Art Blog.

Griselda is an Etsy Store Owner. Her store has over 1100 hearts, 200+ sales, and a 100% positive rating. This is a woman with "magical" talent.

She is a mixed media artist, that specializes in fantasy and spirit dolls. Her creations will make your imagination run wild.

Griselda has been kind enough to give away this Nest Of Endless Light artwork. It is a signed, primitive folk art, original.

There is a story about this piece of art too. It is Griselda's interpretation of two little fae creatures who were born from a moonbeam. Now they have made their nest from homespun yarn, wool, and feathers. Wings were borrowed from an old wife's kitchen. Look closely and you will see a key to a secret forest treasure.

Would you like to win this fantastic, mixed media artwork?

Here is all you have to do to enter....

1.) Become a follower of Tools Are For Women Too!, if you are not one already.

2.) Become a follower of Griselda's really cool blog too. Click Here to be magically transported there.

3.) Visit Griselda's Etsy Store, click on "contact", and tell her why you would love to win her giveaway.

That's all there is to it.

Good Luck!

Would like to sponsor a giveaway? Contact me for rates and details at.....

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Link Party! Times Are Tough Thursday #3 - Christmas In July Edition

It's time! Last week was pretty fabulous. Not only did we have over 500 thumbnails posted, we had reports of sales going on in a lot of the stores out there. It was fantastic to hear some of the success stories from some of you, that were due to the party.

This week I have invited everyone to join in that wants to. Sellers and Non-Sellers alike are all welcome. Let's all work together to make this party a huge success!

I have also sent out invitations to many of the Etsy Store Owners who are participating in the Christmas In July event. The CIJ event is almost over and hopefully this party will give their stores an extra little push, like it did for a lot of you last week.

For those of you who have not been here before....Welcome! We love that you have joined us, for this fun way to create some links, traffic, followers, hearts, and sales.

****Please Read The Rules And Instructions Before You Enter****

Really Easy Rules

1.) You must be a follower of this blog to participate if you are not one already.

2.) Everyone is welcome to participate. Both sellers and non-sellers may join in the fun.

3.) For the most part, any item that you made yourself, may be entered into the party.

4.) Some of you out there are in need of a big push this month, so I am allowing everyone to post up to 5 items this week. We could all use some extra traffic, so let's pull out all the stops. Post your best 5!

5.) Important.....This party,... the traffic it brings,... the links it makes,... and the store sales it adds,... depends almost entirely on how well the participants spread the word and promote it. Please do whatever you can to make it a success. Link to it. Grab a button. Write a feature post about it. Announce it in a forum. Tell your Etsy team. Whatever you want. Just get the word out there.

6.) Please click on a few of the thumbnails posted. Visit some of the other stores and blogs. Leave comments and convos when you are there. Become a follower of some blogs and leave a few hearts in some Etsy Stores. You will be amazed at how much more traffic and activity your store and blog will experience if you "pay it forward" and do this. I guarantee it will help you.

Here is a button in case you want to link to the party that way....


Design by Trendy Treehouse

Okay...Here are the actual instructions for entering your items into the party.

Pretty easy.

1.) Scroll down past all the thumbnail pics that were entered before you. Find the little blue button that says... "Add your link". It has a little frog face on it. Click on it.

2.) Copy and paste the URL of the item you want to to bring to the party. For bloggers it will be the URL of the post.

3.) "Name"....This is not for your name. It is for the name and description of your item. You can use up to 50 characters and can even include the price if you want.

4.) Enter your email address. It will not be visible to the public. No worries.

5.) Click "Next" and pick out your picture of the item.

That's it!

Good Luck!

Giveaways, Sponsors, Cheap Advertising, And Other Fun Stuff!

Wow! I have some pretty fabulous stuff to tell all of you today. Let me start by reminding everyone that there are 3 fun giveaways you can all enter for FREE!

One giveaway is being sponsored by Brooke with Sunset and Vine Jewelry. The prize is a pair of Citrine and Sterling Silver Earrings.

Click Here For Details.

Then we have the giveaway going on for the Mermaid Treasure Pendant. It comes to us courtesy of A2Sea Creations. Click Here for a chance to win this one.

Would you like to declare your love to someone anytime soon? Click here for a chance to win this Sterling Silver " Love you to the moon and back" pendant. It is sponsored by

Chain Link Jewelry Design

There we have it. Three fantastic giveaways that you can enter for FREE.

Okay, now how about some more good news?........

I have had a ton of emails lately, from store owners who want to know if there is a way to purchase inexpensive advertising on my sidebar.

The answer is Yes,.... Absolutely,..... Yes.

Button ads are only $5 per month right now and a Top Spot Link right now is only $2.

I also have premium sidebar ads if you want something a little extra.

Email me if any if this interests you.....

By the way, I do like to give my sponsors an extra free plug whenever I can. In this case it is to help promote Casual Gal and her wonderful Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Here is one of her handcrafted rings.

Please go visit the Casual Gal store and leave a note that I sent you.

Seriously, if your store needs a little push and you are interested in advertising, shoot me an email. I would be happy to hear from you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To The Moon And Back - Sterling Silver Giveaway! - Sponsored By Chain Link Jewelry Designs

How many of you out there have ever loved someone "To The Moon And Back"? Here is a chance to win a piece of jewelry, that will help express how you feel to that very special someone. This wonderful Sterling Silver Charm Necklace will be given away to a very lucky winner.

Our sponsor for this necklace is Cara Link, who owns an Etsy store, called Chain Link Jewelry Design.

Cara spent 10 years working in the corporate world. Having children though, encouraged her to do something different with her life. She now spends her time as a stay-at-home mom, where she can dedicate more time to the things she loves. Go Cara!

Cara's specialty is creating the kind of jewelry that when given, is destined to become a treasured keepsake. I think this " Love you to the moon and back" necklace is a perfect example of that. She stamps each letter by hand, giving every piece she does a unique personality that a machine is not able to duplicate.

In looking over her Etsy Store, I found some other pretty great stuff as well. I won't tell you everything she has to offer over there. I don't want to ruin the fun of your search through her store. But I did smile REAL BIG over her sterling silver pet tags. I simply love her store and you will too.

Would You Like To Win This Fun Sterling Silver Necklace?
Cara and I are making it "Super Easy" to enter.
Here is all you have to do.....
1.) While you are here, become a follower of Tools Are For Women Too!, (if you are not one already).
Leave me a comment that you want in the drawing.
2.) Then... Go visit Cara's Etsy Store, Chain Link Jewelry Design, and look around.
Click on "contact" and tell her 2 things.......
Let her know you want in the giveaway...and...
Let her know what your favorite item is in her store.
It is completely free to enter and that's all you have to do.
I told you it was easy.
Good luck!

Are you interested in sponsoring a giveaway? Would you like to promote your store or blog at a very reasonable cost? If so, just email me. I would be happy to send you the details.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Christmas In July HUGE Party Announcement!

I told everyone a couple days ago that I was working on a HUGE party announcement. Many Etsy Store Owners have been participating together in a big "Christmas In July" selling event. That event is almost over with about a week left to go. If you are one of those store owners, you are going to be jumping up and down with joy, when you you finish reading this post.

For those of you who don't know about the Christmas In July Etsy Event, here it is in a nutshell......

It is one big event where everyone pulls out all the stops in an effort to move a bunch of merchandise, kinda like a Christmas sale at a big department store, except this sale is in the middle if July! In most cases the items have nothing to do with Christmas. It is just a big, big, selling event designed to spark some sales.

So, what is the HUGE announcement? Here it is.........

I am going to help everyone who wants to enter,... with a GIGANTIC .... Christmas In July - Times Are Tough Thursday link party.

For CIJ Etsy people, this means you will have help from me during the last week of your CIJ sales event. One big, last, push for sales, courtesy of Tools Are For Women Too! I know that some of you are having a pretty rough time out there. I really want to see all of you be successful and make some money this week. And as usual, I will be offering my help for Free. Everyone will be able to advertise 3 of their store items at No Charge to try and drive some much needed traffic their direction.

For those of you who are not part of the CIJ Etsy event, you will still be able to participate in my link party. No problem at all. Bring your 3 best items as usual. I love all of you and don't want to leave anyone out. This party is Free to you too!

Here is what I need from everyone in order for the party to be a success.......

1.) I need all of you to help promote the party. Convo it, send some emails, post it in some forums, write a feature post about it. Do whatever you can do to make this a GIGANTIC event. I would love to see record numbers of participants and record numbers of store sales. This will only happen if the word gets out about this very special event.

2.) Did I mention promoting the party?

Here are the party details. You can copy and paste these, if it will help you promote the party.

Party Invitation!
Times Are Tough Thursday - Christmas In July - Link Party Event
Party Starts: Thursday July 22 at 12:01 AM
Party Ends: Sunday July 25 at Midnight
Who Can Attend: Anyone and Everyone, Sellers and Non-Sellers Welcome, CIJers are not only welcome but encouraged to attend.
What Is This Event For?: To give CIJers and Sellers in general, one big final push before the end of July. Participants will be allowed to advertise up to 3 of their items for free on the Tools Are For Women Too blog. They will also be able to link those items directly to their store or blog to help drive traffic their direction.
Cost: FREE, 100% Free, Courtesy of Rory from Tools Are For Women Too!
Please invite your friends and start spreading the word about this tremendous event!

If any of you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway, want a feature post done about you, or would like to advertise on my sidebar, feel free to email me for rates and details.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Link Party Time! - Modern Craftswoman Monday #12

Hello everyone! It is time for another Modern Craftswoman Monday Link Party.

Last Monday's party had 363 items posted. Thursday's party hit a whopping 500+. But here is the really neat thing about all this activity.......Etsy Store Owners are reporting sales!....and.... Bloggers are reporting an increase in followers! And guess what.........My parties are still free to everyone. And, I still allow sellers to participate and post their store items for free.

There has been quite a bit of confusion about why I do this for everyone. It is just my way of "paying it forward" to some pretty hard working craftspeople.

Here are the really easy rules for this party.......

1.) ******You Must Become A Follower Of This Blog To Enter, If You Are Not One Already****

2.) All crafters are welcome. I love every single one of you. This includes sellers and non-sellers. The more, the merrier!

3.) The items posted must have been made by you.

4.) You may enter the price of your item, if it is for sale. Some of you are reporting sales in your stores beacuse of this party. Let's keep up the good work!

5.) This is a "pay it forward" and free party. It's success depends on how much you as a participant promote it. Please link back and pass the word along. If you can't link back, invite a few people to attend. FB it, Tweet it, feature it, post it in a forum, whatever you can do is fine.

6.) One more thing.....I would like to see everyone work together and visit a few of each others stores and blogs when possible. Please make it a point to leave comments as you visit.

Here is a button you can grab if you want to promote the party that way...


Design by Trendy Treehouse

Instructions For Actually Entering....It's Easy!

1.) Scroll down past the thumbnail pictures of the items that were posted ahead of you. Click on the little blue button with the frog on it that says, " Add your link".

2.) Copy and paste the URL of the item you want to bring to the party in the URL box provided.

3.) In the "Name" box, do not put your name there. This is where you will put the description of your item. You can put the item price there too, if you want.

4.) Enter your email address. It will not be viewable to the public.

5.) Click on "Step 2" and pick out the picture of the item you want posted. Click on it and you are done.

That is all there is to it.
You can post up to 3 items this week.
Take advantage of it.

Also, I have 2 giveaways going on right now for some pretty wonderful jewelry. Click Here for details on the Mermaid Tresure Pendant and Click Here for details on the Citrine and Sterling Silver Earrings.

It's Free to enter both giveaways!