Friday, July 23, 2010

Breaking News - Griselda Has Sweetened Her Giveaway!

For those of you who have not entered Griselda's giveaway, you need to get in there. Her artwork is really fabulous. Click Here for Details on how to submit your free entry.

Meanwhile, Griselda has sweetened things up a little bit. Here is the deal...........

While you are over at her Etsy Store telling her why you should win her giveaway, browse around. In fact, browse around a lot. If you end up purchasing one of her dolls, she will give you a 20% refund through Paypal. To make it even better, if you decide to purchase 2 dolls, she will refund 50% of your purchase on the second doll (of lesser price). Of course you cannot combine both discounts. If she allowed that we would have to commit her to an institution. Sheesh.

There are a couple catches though....You must say that you saw this very special offer posted on either her blog or mine.....and one more is all over July 31st.

Go see her and look around!

I try and take pretty good care of my wonderful sponsors. Feel free to ask any of them. If you would like to be one, I can be contacted at....

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