Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Feature Post - Introducing Jeanette Aragon from The Puzzled One

I would like to introduce everyone to a talented artist and craftswoman. Her name is Jeanette Aragon and her website is called The Puzzled One. Jeanette's preferred medium is working with wood. And if you haven't guessed it from the title of her website.....she loves to make puzzles.

Jeanette's puzzles are far from ordinary. They are made out of wood and she cuts each puzzle piece by hand, with a scroll saw. Then she uses her artistry to paint and finish them.

Here is a great example of Jeanette's work. She calls this puzzle....Wooden Tile Mosaic Tray Puzzle - Energy. I think this one is a genuine work of art. I would have no problem hanging it on the wall in a kids room.

To make this beauty, she started with a wood called poplar, which she cut into 80 pieces. She then rubbed the stain into the wood by hand, using non-toxic paint type stain. Then she coated the pieces with a triple thick glaze. The whole puzzle fits into a neat wooden tray. I cannot believe her prices. This fun, handmade and hand finished puzzle, is On Sale for only $25. Amazing. Click here for details.

Here is another fine puzzle. It is her .... Friends Forever Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle. Like many of her puzzles, the image has been wood burned permanently wood burned on. I think this is really a nice touch. This puzzle is Too Cute! What a great gift for your little one. It is another one that Jeanette has cut and finished by hand. Sale priced at only $15. Click Here for details on this one.

This is her Award Winning Alphabet Tree 3D Puzzle. Dr. Toy named it "best pick" of 2009. It is more than just a tree puzzle. Jeanette designed this one to teach a child shape recognition, logical thinking, alphabetical order, reading left to right, and oh yeah,...their Abc's. No wonder thi puzzle is an award winner. Do you have a little one starting his or her first day of school soon? This is a super keepsake to commemorate the big event. It is Sale Priced at Only $20.00. Click Here for it.

I really love this one. When I look at it I see Goldie Hawn dancing on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In. Does that give you an idea of how old I am? Jeanette calls this fun one.....Modern Abstract Art Tray Puzzle - Liquid Flowers. I am a nut for the retro throwback stuff. Only $30.00 Click Here.

How about another educational puzzle? This Lady Bug version is a 3D puzzle to help your child learn about numbers, counting, and left to right / top to bottom progression. It is handmade from solid poplar. The wings open and close and are actually trays that the puzzle pieces fint into. Your child can lift off the wings, dump out the pieces, and start having fun, while learning about numbers at the same time. This puzzle is a nice size measuring a full 16" wide with it's wings open. Gotta love it! Only $45.00. Click Here for more details.

How about a custom 3 Dimensional puzzle? How great would something like this be as a house warming gift. The family Jeanette made this puzzle for had a cabin and wanted something made especially for them. If you want a genuine, custom, handmade puzzle, you need to contact Jeanette in a big way.

Jeanette also has bunches of other puzzles and is running a Blowout Sale right now.

As a special offer to Tools Are For Women Too readers, Jeanette has decided to make her sale prices even better.....

Readers of Tools Are For Women Too will get an extra 10% off her already incredibly low sale prices. To get the discount you must enter the code "tools" (without the quotation marks) into the form field that reads "discount code" when checking out.

Please go visit The Puzzled One and tell Jeanette I sent you.

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Lisa H said...

These puzzles are so cool! Jeanette is very talented!

Heather said...

Those puzzles are amazing!!! My husband LOVES woodburning and it was so interesting to see it used in a puzzle like that!