Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Free and Cheap Advertising Announcement

Lately, Tools Are For Women Too has undergone some enormous growth. Many of you have asked me about advertising rates on my sidebar, sponsoring giveaways, and the possibility of me doing a feature post about your Etsy Store or Blog. All of these things are possible, and I wanted to address a couple of them in this post.

While I would love to be able to actually make a few dollars blogging, my intent has always been to "pay it forward" and let fate take care of the rest. I have always believed that if I do the right thing, it will come back around 10 fold in return. I think that it is because of this philosophy that Tools Are For Women Too is growing so rapidly.

So, what about advertising?

First of all, I am still going to allow crafters and artists who have online stores to enter my link parties, and link directly to their stores. It is FREE, as usual. I am doing this because I know there are a lot of hard working crafters and Etsy Store Owners who depend on their income from their stores to pay some household bills. I want to help those people in a big way and provide them with a link from my blog, directly to their store, by entering my link parties.

Okay, now let's talk about Sidebar Advertising. Some of you have asked how they can advertise an item from their Etsy Store on my sidebar to get some added exposure. I really gave this one some thought. I knew it needed to be very affordable for all of you and very beneficial at the same time. Here is what I came up with........

Now, Etsy Store Owners will be able to put a picture of one of their items on my sidebar. The picture can include a header title, a brief description, and the price of the item. By clicking on the pic, a potential buyer will be transported directly to your store. Once there, the buyer can get details on purchasing your item, and browse around to see what else you have to offer. Pretty easy. The best thing about this kind of advertising is the price.......

Only $5.00 to post this kind of ad for a full week.

I tried to make it very affordable, so that even the sellers that are just starting out can take advantage of it. If that sounds cheap, it is. All I can say is that it is just another way I am trying to "pay it forward" and lend a helping hand to some of you.

By the way, if your item should sell before the week is up, let me know and we will update the ad with another item free of charge.

I will do another post about other types of very afforadble advertising very soon, such as feature posts for Etsy Stores and Giveaway Sponsorships.

Let me know if any of you need further information. I would be glad to help you, as always. I can be emailed at

If you have not yet entered the Mermaid Pendant Giveaway, Click Here for details.


Tidbits & Glitz said...

Thanks Rory for the awesome opportunities to get some exposure for free or next to nothing!! You have such a big heart :)

Sunset & Vine

Makalani Adolpho, PLC said...

This is great of you to be doing all of this. I am thinking of opening an etsy shop and as soon as I am that point I would definately like to take advantage of your advertising. Thanks again!

Makaz Home