Friday, July 9, 2010

The Party Continues! Times are Tough Thursday Is Still Going!

This huge party is still going on! You still have time to join us if you want to. It keeps going until this Sunday. Please let your friends know about it too.

We now have over 500 thumbnails posted! I am positively overwhelmed and flattered that there has been such a big turnout.

We kind of broke some new ground with this one. It is the first time I held a party that was made up of items that crafters wanted to sell. The response has been tremendous.

For those of you who have not heard, I will doing this party again every week! Times Are Tough Thursday is here to stay, at least until the economy turns around. It is my way of giving some free advertising to some very hard working crafters that deserve a break.

Please let your friends know about this wonderful party and promote it when you can. I think it is a "win-win" for everyone.

Also, I almost forgot to mention. Tools are For Women Too! hit another big milestone. We have finally surpassed the 500 follower mark. My thanks to all of you that have helped make this happen. I will try to do a giveaway or something soon to celebrate.


Adam and Wendy said...

Congrats on 500 followers AND on a successful party!! :) I found out about the party from a fellow blogger who was one of my etsy customers as well! :) This has been such a great idea! :)

Lavon said...

Did not get a chance to blog about this great party yesterday, but was able to post this morning:
Thank you, again, Rory for doing such an awesome thing for all of us!

Michella said...

I knew it would be successful :)) Congratulations on 500 followers!!!That is so awesome!! I am so glad to hear that you will be continuing to host this party. I think everyone will benefit from it! Have a wonderful day!!!
Keep up the good work!!
~ Michella ~

Living on Love and Cents said...

Hello! Cute blog! I am a new follower. I look forward to reading more from u! I hope you will stop by and follow me too! Check out all the giveaways and great deals! Have a great weekend! Heather