Friday, August 27, 2010

Bridal Hangers by The Painted House and More

Bridal hangers. Yum! Gotta love 'em. These come to us from Amy over at The Painted House and More. She personalizes each one by hand.
I thought these were a pretty outstanding gift idea. I think back about all the time I have spent trying to find a gift for a bride that was fun, personal, and within some sort of a reasonable budget. I wish I would have met Amy a lot sooner.
Amy is an artist who has painted for nearly 17 years. She started by painting walls and doing stenciling, then eventually graduating into freehand work. Her artistic background really shows in her work.

I saw this powder blue version with two hearts and the name in the middle, and began to realize the possibilities that Amy provides. It is pretty amazing. Do you need a hanger in a specific color? Do you need a little wire artwork on the hanger to go along with a themed wedding? Do you want the wedding date on it?

Would you prefer something in a natural wood finish? No problem. Amy to the rescue! Just let her know what you want.

Here is an example of one she did with the wedding date engraved on the wooden part of the hanger. I think this is a terrific touch.

Did I mention to you that Amy is a painter and artist? Check out this cute little number! Wow! Why even wait for a wedding? Just spoil yourself a little bit and buy a couple of these for your own closet.

Does that man in your life like to raid your closet and steal your hangers? Let's see if he likes hanging his football fan shirt on one with flowers and a bow! Come to think of it, I bet Amy could even do "His and Hers" hangers. Hmmm. Okay, now I am excited! I happen to know an upcoming bride who just graduated from college. I wonder if a Clemson Tiger Orange version with a purple bow would be out of the question? Too fun!

Give Amy a visit over at The Painted House and More. I am sure this creative lady would love to hear ideas for one of your own great keepsake hangers. Be sure to tell her that you came over from "Tools".

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AutismLoveHope said...

Wow! These are great! What a unique bridal shower gift -- can you imagine the reaction? These will be a great hit for sure! :)