Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spirit Doll Mixed Media Art Giveaway - We Have A Winner!

There were a lot of entries in the Spirit Doll Mixed Media Art Giveaway, sponsored by Griselda from Spirit Dolls and Mixed Media Assemblage. When you look at the amount of handwork involved it is not surprising that it drew so much interest. But we only had one of these to give away and the winner is......

Kristin Love.
Kristin has an Etsy Store called Loveartworks. Her specialty is pottery. Congratulations Kristin. Please contact me with your shipping information.
This was really a neat giveaway and we were all very lucky to have such a talented artist donate her work like this. Please drop by Griselda's Etsy Store and thank her for being a sponsor. Whenever Tools does an event like this, it tends to bring in a lot of potential buyers of handmade products. It is really a win-win for everyone.
By the way, I have2 other great giveaways still going on right now. Click Here to get to my dedicated giveaway page.

Would you like to sponsor a giveaway and promote your store or blog? Just email me. I would be happy to send you rates and details.

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