Friday, October 15, 2010

How To Make A Button Frame - A Tutorial By Stacy

 I LOVE buttons. When I was little my mom had an old cigar box filled with buttons, many of them antique. I use to play with them for hours. I would sort them, pick out my favorites, and learn to sew with them. So now I have my own collection of buttons in a jar that my kids play with. I am always thinking of new ways to use my buttons. I decided to make a button frame.

 You will need a flat frame, buttons, glue, your choice of paint or stain, and a foam brush. I bought my frame at a craft store for $1.00. You can buy an already finished frame but make sure it is flat.

 I stained mine and then let it dry completely. I like water based stains for projects like this. They dry quickly and are easy to clean up.

Next pick out the buttons you want to use and play around with the placement until you like the way it looks. I think it would look good to do one in all the same color like all brown buttons or all white.

The last thing is to glue them on. I chose to use a glue gun because it is easy and this frame is for me. If I were to sell this however, I would use a heavy duty epoxy to ensure they were on permanently.
What do you like to do with buttons??? For more project ideas, visit me at my blog Not JUST A Housewife.


Love the Decor! said...

I love old buttons!! Your frame is adorable. I usually use them to embellish scrapbook pages

PeggyR said...

What a great idea! I have tons of buttons! I usually scatter them through my artwork.

concretenprimroses said...

Such a cute idea. I have a friend who I want to mosaic with, and she mentioned that we would need to find a project for her 8yo dd so she wouldn't be jealous and want to use the sharp stuff like us. This would be perfect! Buttons are nice and safe to touch, and could be used in other ways, to make pictures or cover a little lamp...

Tidbits & Glitz said...

I love this! I made button frames with my daughters and we used buttons for magnets. I have even used them in my jewelry projects for rings and such. You have a fan!!