Friday, December 3, 2010

My Cheap and Easy Christmas Wreath

Hi! It is Stacy from Not JUST A Housewife again! I was in need of some more Christmas decor but I am on a tight, almost non-existent budget so I came up with these. I love quick and cheap crafts! I bought 3 wreaths at the dollar store. They had bigger ones but because of where I was going to put them I needed them to be a little on the small side. I had pine cones from our backyard and I always have craft wire on hand. I used scraps of fabric I already had too. I ripped them into strips about 1 inch wide.

I tied the fabric on. I love the look of the rough edges.

Then I took craft wire and put it around the pine cone, and then around the wreath and twisted it so the pine cone would stay on.

I used another strip of fabric to hang the wreath.

I tied it to the wire frame on the back.

I normally have frames hanging here with pictures of the kids but I love these so much I am tempted to keep them up all year! They match my front room decor (did you notice they matched my rug?) so I could totally get away with it.

Total cost: $3.00
Thanks and have a great weekend!

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June said...

Very clever. I better stop at the dollar store and check out their wreaths.