Thursday, April 29, 2010

Extreme Weather Finish

A great question was asked by Jamee, who is one of my wondeful Tools Are For Women Too! followers! She wanted to know what kind of finish to use on outdoor furniture in a desert climate. Extreme weather like that really presents a challenge. To be honest, there is nothing that will stand up to desert sun for long periods of time. But, I do have a suggestion or two that will help Jamee. Below is a formula I use for outdoor furniture.

You will need to mix together...

1/2 Part Marine Spar Varnish

1Part Boiled Linseed Oil

1Part Naptha

(Mineral Spirits will do in a pinch but Naptha will speed up the drying time.)

Mix all 3 product together. You can shake it if you want to.

Apply to your clean, sanded surface, with a rag.

Wait 10-15 minutes. Then wipe off the excess finish.

Dry enough to handle in 15 minutes. Cures in about 24 hours.

That's really all there is to it. This is more of a wood preservative than a finish. It will need to be reappled every year or two, but it wont crack or peel.

I want to thank Jamee for her great question. Her teriffic blog is called HOMEMAKER . Please give her a visit and say hello.

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Jamee said...

thanks rory- i just featured you on my blog i will try it out.