Monday, April 26, 2010

Tools Are For Women Too!

It seems every time I go into a home improvement store these days I see more and more women attempting DIY projects, and succeeding! I find it pretty refreshing that craftsmanship is now evolving into craftspersonship. And besides, I think the term craftswoman has a nice ring to it, don't you?

Occasionally when I am in one of those big home improvement stores a woman will come up to me and ask for advice, even though I don't work there. Maybe it's because there are generally no employees to be found, or maybe it's just because the employees know less than they do. I guess I get picked out because I usually have more sawdust on my pants than anyone else in the store. Whatever the reason, I am glad to help.

This blog is all about helping the craftswoman. I will be doing tutorials, product features, DIY projects, and tool reviews.

I would also like to invite you into my online store. In it you will find brand names like Cricut, Dewalt, Gingher, Dremel, Milwaukee, and Xacto, just to name a few. New inventory is being added daily and pleeeease let me know if you need a particular item I am not presently carrying. I value your comments and input.

Please browse as long as you want and enjoy yourself while you are here.

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