Sunday, July 25, 2010

Link Party Time! - Modern Craftswoman Monday #13

It's time for a brand new party! This one will be open for entries until midnight on Wednesday.

The Thursday, Christmas In July Party brought in over 750 items, several thousand links, a bunch of Etsy Store Sales, hearts galore, tons of followers and lots of new friends. It was a huge success for everyone that got involved. Congratulations to all of you.

Now it's Monday and time to start all over again. Here are the party rules.

1.) ***You must be a follower of this blog to participate, if you are not one already.*** (A few of you are not only followers, but you seem to be stalkers of Tools Are For Women Too! Gotta love it.)

2.) Everyone is welcome including sellers and non-sellers, but items posted must be handmade by you.

3.) You can link directly to your Etsy Store if you want to. No problem. If you are an Etsy Store Owner, this is your opportunity for some free advertising. Take advantage of it.

4.) You may post up to 5 items in the party this week.

5.) Important - This party is to help all of you. It cannot be a success unless the participants help promote it. Please do whatever you can "pay it forward" and pass the word along about this terrific way to promote your blogs and stores for free. Email a few friends, write a post about it, post a thread in a forum, link to it, FB it, Tweet it. Whatever you want to is fine, but the more traffic we can all generate the better.

6. Even More Important - Please work together and support each other. I would love it if everyone that entered, visited at least 4 or 5 of the other thumbnails posted. When you visit someone's site be sure to leave a comment. Take it from me, if you want followers, traffic, and sales, you need to get out there and interact with other sites. So take some time and visit as many as you can.

Here is a button in case you want to link to the party with it...


Design by Trendy Treehouse

Here are the actual instructions for entering your items into the party.
Really easy. No worries.

1.) Scroll down past all the thumbnail pics that were entered before you. Find the little blue button that says " Add your link". It has a little frog face on it. Click on it.

2.) Copy and paste the URL of the item you want to bring to the party. For bloggers it will be the URL post.

3.) "Name"....This is not for your name. It is for the name and description of your item. You can use up to 50 characters and even include the price if you want.

4.) Enter your email address. It will not be visible to the public.

5.) Click "Next" and pick out the picture of your item.

That's it!

Have Fun!

Does your Store or Blog need a little push? Would you like to sponsor a giveaway or advertise on Tools Are For women Too? Feel free to email me for rates and details....


ticc said...

Thanks so very much Rory for giving the opportunity to show our great handmade items. I love seeing all the great items, and visitng others shops. Have a wonderful day!!!!!

Estylo Jewelry said...

So many great items. I don't even know where to start, I want them all!!! :)

Sandra - Estylo Jewelry

L Simonson said...

WOW! Your party is getting HUGE! Fun ideas here :) Thanks for hosting!

ZARDENIA said...

Thanks so much for this opportunity! :)

Emine -

pip a la chic said...

Hi Rory!
thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am in the process of making my handmade accessories and getting my etsy store up and running. Once this is done I will be back for sure!!
I am a follower now so i can keep up to date. thanks so much for the opportunity.

Sharon@Keen Inspirations said...

Wow! There are already sooo many great projects too check out! thank you for hosting anohter awesome week!

Sharon@Keen Inspirations said...

Wow! There are already sooo many great projects too check out! thank you for hosting anohter awesome week!

AllWiredUpJewelryDesigns said...

This is just so much fun seeing all these great items to check out. Thanks for a great opportunity! Love tools!


Rory....fantastic idea you have here. Thanks for leaving a comment on my DZFANTASY blog, and letting me know about it.

Will be posting your "button" on my blog.

Thanks again.

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Rory, Rory, Rory, your party is huge! Thanks so much for giving all us sellers a boost, other parties don't promote sellers hardly at all. I started my blog to increase traffic to my Etsy shop, and you are truly helping on that score. Love you!

Ami Allison said...

Thanks again Rory!!! It seems like it takes me an hour just to get to the bottom to add my own links. I have SOOOO MUCH FUN looking at everyone's awesome stuff! but.....that's the point tho right! :)

Katie m. Berggren art & design said...

Wow, what a fun idea ~ thank you Rory for this opportunity to not only post some items but to at-a-glance view other mama and woman made crafts - thank you!
Sincerely, Katie m. Berggren

malia said...

hi rory-- you rock!

Totally Unique Treasures said...

Hi Rory found you @ CHA Thanks for the great blog. I absolutely love number 90 but they are all great. I posted some of my handmade goodies but I also sell recycled vintage supplies for any of your other recycle artists.
I am following your blog, too.