Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just Because I Love It! - Link Party #1

Welcome to the very first Just Because I love It! link party. This party is for non-sellers only. If you are a seller, please do not post your items in this party. I have a special party for sellers going on right now. Just scroll down to find it.

Some of you out there told me that with such gigantic parties, that your thumbnails were getting lost amongst all the Etsy posts. I can certainly understand that, so I have made this special party for "non-sellers". I did the same thing on this past Monday, and it got some pretty positive response.

I think this new format of 2 parties is win-win for everyone. Let me know how it works for all of you.

Here are the rules.....

1.) You must be a follower to participate, if you are not one already.

2.) No sellers allowed in this one.

3.) You can post up to 5 items, but all items must have been handmade by you.

4.) These parties are a lot of work and now because of the party split, I am doing 4 a week. Please help me by spreading the word about Tools Are For Women Too. Write a post, grab a button, tell a friend. Whatever you do is terrific. Just "pay it forward" and invite some others.

5.) Make some friends out there. Click on some thumbnails and visit some blogs. Make some comments and support each other. You will be amazed at how much traffic you can generate in your site, by just making a friend or two.

Okay, Let's Party!

Does your blog need a little push? Would you like to know about ad rates and details? Email me.

1 comment:

Ami Allison said...

Thank you Rory, for hosting this!! It's a GREAT IDEA!!! :)