Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Easy Wood Tools Review - A Potential Money Maker - Post #1 Of The Series

This is the first post of a series reviewing Easy Wood Tools for lathe working.   Along with the review will be some ideas on how you can possibly put these tools to use and make some extra spending money.

Easy Wood Tools was founded by a man named Craig Jackson.  He and I met at a local woodworking show and I found him to be a friendly and terrific guy.  He loves working with kids, teaching woodturning safety, and he thinks that women and family are an important element in the whole woodworking scheme of things.  When I told him that I wrote a blog dedicated to helping women with their projects, he immediately wanted to help too.  I wish all tool companies were a little more like EWT and Craig Jackson.  He is a joy to be around. 

Craig's background is that of a machinist and metal fabricator.  Some years ago he started turning wood like alot of us and he quickly realized that the standard tools of the lathe working industry were not all that they could be.  So, he set out to design and make lathe tools that were of a very high quality, were easy to use, had a low learning curve, and were easy to maintain. 

Here is a short video showing some of his tools in action....

I have really been wanting to give EWT a whirl, so I have decided to start by trying out three of their tools.  They are the ....

Ci2m Mini Rougher,

 Ci3m Mini Finisher, and the

 Ci4m Mini Detailer.

Unlike other tool reviews I don't want to find out if these tools are just wonderful for the experienced woodworker.  What I do want to find out is if a total beginner can quickly get the hang of using them, easily, safely, and with great results.  If the answer to these questions is yes, then they could be some real potential money-makers for a large number of crafters and artists out there, that would not of otherwise considered wood turning.

So, over the next couple weeks I am going to try doing a few projects using these tools and really give them a genuine workout.  With each post in the series I will attempt to do something different with the tools.  I am thinking in the lines of possibly a pen, a candlestick, and a bowl or goblet.  The reason I am choosing these projects is that they are all items that are small, lightweight, and can be shipped easily.  Items like these make super canidates to be a part of online store inventory.

So check back with me next week when I post my first project.  It should be great fun, and I can't wait to try this product out.

Wish me luck!

Do you have a product you need reviewed?  Just email me for details.

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