Saturday, June 19, 2010

Great Craftswoman Of The Week - Katie from A Chirp In The Forest

Time to announce another Great Craftswoman Of The Week. This time the honor goes to Katie from A Chirp In The Forest. Katie describes herself as a "small town girl at heart". She loves decorating. She and her husband of 2 years just bought a home about 6 months ago and it sounds like she is really having some fun with it.

Katie posted her headboard project on Modern Craftswoman Monday, and I was floored by it. This is a lady who was able to use her vision and a few raw materials to make something beautiful for that new home of hers.

This is a picture of her room before.

Here is the room after she installed the headboard that she made with her own 2 hands!

Isn't it fantastic?

Katie gives a step-by-step breakdown of how she did it on her blog. Here is her link to read the full post.

A Chirp In The Forest

Congratulations Katie on being my latest Great Craftswoman Of The Week!


Mamarazzi said...


My sister is a super amazing craftswoman she has remodeled bathrooms, including framing in a door where there was no door before, she built her own dining table, and has turned night tables into TV stands and MORE!! seriously she is awesome.

BUT she is a private blogger. i would love to connect you two, maybe you can show off her stuff and not link it to her private blog. who knows...just a thought!

ok off to see the awesomeness of this beautiful headboard...fabulous!!

Mandi said...

That's an awesome headboard. Love it.

Rory-- I have a question for ya. My kitchen: I like it just fine-- it's a little more than 10 years old-- the countertops are marble and love them. It's the cabinets. They are a light golden maple color (or something). I have seen all over blogland people saying how badly they hate that color and it's hideous. I don't mind it. Yet, since I'm constantly doing something in the house, I'd be tempted to paint them. So. . . if you paint wood, there's no going back, right? You can't really get all the paint out, right? Aren't we all some day in the near future going to regret painting every darned piece of wood furniture we have? Won't we go back to the days of staining and varnishing??

Rory from Tools Are For Women Too! said...

Hi Mandi,

I think you are exactly right. In fact, I wrote a post last month about it, called "Faux Finish vs Natural Finish". You can read it by going to "Past Topics Worth Reading" on my sidebar and clicking on "Finishing". Then scroll down to it.

I think the only way to fad proof a project is to forget about what is trendy and stay with what is classically beautiful.

The article I wrote came about from being tired of opening designer magazines, and seeing photo after photo of white painted rooms. White is really trendy right now, but I think the bottom will fall out of the whole white thing in another year or two. From the comments I received on the post there was about a 50/50 split on paint vs traditional finishing.

The two main reasons for not liking a white room were....

1. Not everyone has a lifestyle where white upholstery makes sense. (I would be one of them.)

2. With a room done in white you can easily have a problem developing texture. Without texture in a room it tends to look very flat and boring. Next time you look at a really well done white room, look for what was added for the sole purpose of creating texture. Chances are there will be an abundance of pillows, carved wood, textiles, etc. You will see the problem right away.

These 2 reasons are pretty big ones and I think they give us some insight on the future demise of white rooms.

With your cabinets you may want to consider refinishing them as opposed to painting them. Stripping paint off of cabinet doors when the latest fad is over, is pretty awful. It is nearly impossible to get every tiny bit of paint out of the wood grain and crevices. I know from experience.

My vote is for refinishing your cabinets and changing the color of the stain. Repainting would not be an option for me.

If we were simply talking about cutting trendy holes in a new pair of jeans, it wouldn't be a problem. We could just throw them away later. But with your kitchen cabinets it's a little different story. I think you are terrific for looking ahead before you dive into this one. I wish more people had your kind of foresight.

I hope that helps you. By the way, I personally, have never
cut holes in my jeans.


Katie @ Chirp in the Forest said...

OH my gosh Rory - THANK YOU! What an honor to be featured on your site! I am so appreciative and I couldn't hardly believe it when I saw my own picture staring at me from my blog roll this morning. Awesome - thank you :)