Friday, August 20, 2010

Big Announcement! We Now Have A Forum!

I told everyone a few days ago that along with reaching over 1,000 followers I had a big announcement coming up. Well, here it is....

We now have a forum!

It is called The Pink Hardhat Forum and will be a place where crafters, artists, and online sellers can get together and share information.

So, why did I do this?.......I felt like some interaction and conversation between artists and craftspeople made a whole lot of sense. I think it will all enable us to be better at we do, drive more traffic to our sites, share ideas about attracting more followers, and teach each other a few things about improving our products and sites. Besides, it's fun.

The forum is in it's very early stages and is just now getting up and rolling. The thing I need most at this particular moment is for all of you to become members of the forum and try it out. Your feedback is important to me. This should be a pretty wonderful tool.

Here is the link........
Please stop by and become a member when you have time.

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